Program Sponsor Overview

Welcome to the Madera Induction Consortium Program!  The Madera Induction Consortium Program is a regional consortium headed by the Lead Education Agency Madera Unified and comprised of the Madera County Office of Education, all nine of the school districts in Madera County, and university partners.  The Madera Induction Consortium Program is in its seventeenth year of operation in Madera County.  The program has served over 1000 Credential Candidates and worked with over 250 Mentors.

Components of Induction

The Induction Program provides credentialed teachers with a specially designed, standards-based program that eases them into the teaching profession and simultaneously offers them support and advanced training.  Induction provides a bridge linking theory and learning acquired in the California Preliminary Credential Program to the realities of daily classroom teaching. A trained experienced teacher – a Mentor – is assigned to work with each new teacher.  The Mentor Teacher guides and supports new teachers to meet the complex requirements of their job. Upon completion of Induction, Induction Candidates earn a California Professional Clear Credential.

Eligibility for Induction

Eligibility for Induction includes teachers new to the profession in California who are teaching on a preliminary or professional clear credential.  At the point of hire, a district representative provides each new teacher with a New Teacher Placement Form that is signed by the Induction Candidate.  Copies are distributed to the Induction Candidate and Madera Induction Consortium Program. (Work History Form)


Induction Candidates are assigned a Mentor Teacher to provide formative assessment information and guide them in meeting the complexities of their job and to complete the requirements of the Induction Program.  This partnership is the most important aspect of the Induction Program. Mentor Teachers meet with Induction Candidates a minimum of one hour per week to plan, problem-solve, and reflect on teaching practice. Mentor Teachers guide Induction Candidates in their consideration of formative assessment evidence as they develop planned, systematic opportunities to improve their teaching.  The success of these pursuits is reliant upon a relationship based on trust, confidentiality, and a commitment to the goals of Induction.

Mentor Teacher

Well-trained Mentor Teachers have a critical role in the implementation of the formative assessment system. They are trained to utilize evidence, including observational evidence that focuses on classroom practice in relation to the CSTP, Common Core standards and performance levels for students. Through ongoing weekly meetings and professional learning opportunities, as well as formal classroom observations, Mentor Teachers gather evidence of classroom practice. Mentors then reflect with their Induction Candidates about the evidence in order to improve his/her classroom teaching.  This peer coaching supports new teachers but is also an effective strategy for all teachers!

Individual Learning Plan

Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Plan(ILP) by the first six weeks of school. It will include Site Administration consultation via the Site Administration Orientation. The ILP will include a pathway to reaching the Induction Candidate’s learning goals for the year. The pathway will incorporate Professional Development that will be utilized in the classroom. 

During the Induction Program, Induction Candidates, with the assistance of their Mentor Teachers, will develop five learning goals throughout the two year program. 1st Year Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Goals based on CSTP 1 and 2.  2nd Year Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Goals based on CSTP 3, 4 and 5. The ILP will show growth in teacher practice over time as measured by student outcomes. Each Induction Candidate will collect evidence of growth through monthly journals. Induction Candidates will also complete a self-assessment of their teaching practice three times to document teacher growth. At the conclusion of each year, the Induction Candidate will present their evidence of growth to the MIC exit panel.

7.  Program Completion

Each Induction Candidate will build their Induction Portfolio using Google Classroom. Monthly journal assignments along with other assignments will be reviewed monthly. If an Induction Candidate fails to submit their assignments by the due date the Induction Program Director will contact the Induction Candidate to remedy any problems. This may include a meeting with the Program Director and the Mentor Teacher.

At the end of the each year, all Induction Candidate’s portfolios will be reviewed for completeness. Once the portfolio is identified as completed the presentation will be scheduled. The Teacher Growth presentation is the culminating event that highlights the Induction Candidates growth and competency in the classroom. This culminating evidence along with the Induction Program Portfolios is used by the program to verify completion of program requirements.